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 A dangerous fight.

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PostSubject: A dangerous fight.   Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:43 pm

Laura was in the Danger room practicing. She had noticed Logan was hanging out with his roommate, he was even riding off with her on his motorcycle without telling her. It wasn't like he couldn't do that, he was older than her but it would've been nice to be told where he was going to be. That way she could go to her room and avoid everyone. She didn't like being around people she didn't know, or didn't like. The only person she had been talking to since they got her was Logan. He was the only one she could trust. Everyone else was a enemy to her. She had no idea if they would lash out at her. 

Or if they would even wait for the arena fights to kill her. 

Laura sighed as she cut another laser beam that was about to shoot at her before she told the room to shut off. She wiped the sweat off of her forehead with her towel as she breathed hard. She bent over and picked up her water bottle before opening and taking a sip out of it before placing it back on the ground. 

And she was about to turn the room back on, but saw one of the people enter the room. It was the red haired girl, her name was Kelsie. The only way she recongized her was because of her red hair. She was dressed in the outfit she had arrived her, her superhero dress or whatever. A dress choice Laura questioned. Why would someone wear a dress to a fight? 

But before she could think any more of it, the girl started to use her powers. Apparently her power was something with water. The way she made water come out of no where impressed her, but right now she just looked like she was dancing with it. This irritated Laura a bit more. She hated when she saw people waste good talents. So without thinking she started to walk off, but before she could leave she knocked over her water bottle. 

Which scared Kelsie causing her to turn around and immediately shot water at Laura. 

"Oh my god!! I am so sorry, I didn't know anyone else was in here, you scared me!" Kelsie said as she put her hands over her mouth. 

Laura stood there with her eyes closed. Not really liking that she just got soaked for no reason. She opened her eyes when the girl started to apologize her. Green eyes stared at another pair of green eyes with a glare. 

"I'm really sorry." 

"You know, you should really look before you start flinging your powers at someone. I don't care if you're sorry but you are really naive about this world." 


"You heard me, you came in here and started dancing with your power. And the moment you heard me knock over my water bottle you decided to attack. You wouldn't have done that if you weren't stupid and decided to check your surroundings first. Plus I was in the middle of training before you interrupted me. Geez, I thought you looked smarter than that, but I see I was wrong. This is what I get for thinking a girl who prances around in a dress is serious about this whole thing. Good luck in your arena fights." Laura said, taking her anger out on the girl. 

Kelsie's eyes widened at what the woman said to her. Did she just call her stupid? How was she suppose to know someone else was here? She was in the shadows and dressed in a black outfit as well! Even if she would look she wouldn't have noticed her because she was so quiet and kept to shadows. But when she told her she wasn't serious about everything and good luck with the arena fights like she couldn't handle it. Something in Kelsie broke. That was a string you should never pull with her. 

Before Kelsie even took a second thought she suddenly swiped her hand up in the air, causing the bottle the girl was wearing to explode in her face. "Why don't you cool off your ego!" She yelled at the woman whose name was Laura. "It was an accident you don't have to be so rude!" She stated as she glared at Laura. 

Laura gasped when the bottle suddenly exploded in her face before she heard what Kelsie said. This made her look back at the girl with a pissed off look. She was not in the mood for this. "And this is why I said what I said, because you are really fucking stupid. You should really know who pick fights with." Laura said before she ran at the girl. And before she knew it, her claws came out, scratching the girl's right arm. 

Kelsie's eyes widened when she called her stupid, but before she could attack, Laura suddenly lunged at her and scratched her arm. Kelsie shrieked as she stumbled back. Her eyes looked wide at Laura before she suddenly attacked her with her power. She turned her water into a whip and slapped Laura into a wall away from her. "What in the world is your problem!? I didn't harm you like you just did to me! You're crazy!" Kelsie yelled before she had to dodge when Laura attacked her again. 

Kelsie couldn't believe how fast she was, she had to stumble sometimes to avoid her claws. But when she thought it couldn't get any more difficult, Kelsie was able to block a punch from her. "Calm down!! You're acting cra-AHH!" Kelsie let out a scream as the girl suddenly kicked her in her leg with her claw, causing her to fall over. She grabbed her right lower leg before slapping Laura away from her once more. Tears stung her eyes as she held on tightly to the wound on her leg. But when the girl growled and lunged at her one more time, she let out another scream as she covered herself with her hands to protect herself. 

But out of nowhere the man that Laura talked to a lot and grabbed a hold of Laura, keeping her from attacking her. Green eyes looked up at the man in horror as she breathed hard. 

Laura looked back at Logan and growled at him. "Let go of me." She growled.
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PostSubject: Re: A dangerous fight.   Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:59 pm

Logan had arrived in the danger room just in time. He didn't let Laura go, even when she struggled. "Damn it, Lar! What the hell are you doing?!" he shouted, before turning her away from Kelsie.

Turning her around to face him. "What the hell are you thinking? You alost killed her!"

He hadn't seen Laura act this way in so long. They had made good progress on controlling her temper that she undoubtedly inherited from him. He had been a little worried earlier that she would have problems, but it hhad been too weeks and she seemedfine.

Now, he comes into the danger room, looking for her, only tofind her about to kill another resident of the manor. He didn't understand what her issue was suddenly.

The smell of blood was strong inthe air, causing him to glance back at Kelsie. "Shit..."
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PostSubject: Re: A dangerous fight.   Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:11 pm

Laura glared at Logan when he turned her to face him, asking what was up with her. She didn't know what to really tell him. Of course she wanted to tell him the brat attacked her first, but she wondered if that mattered right then. All she could do was glare at him, refusing to talk. But when he suddenly looked back at Kelsie and cursed, she narrowed her eyes and pushed her off of him. "Just nevermind." She growled before she shoved herself passed Logan before looking back at the girl. 

"Consider that a warning that you shouldn't pick a fight with the wrong person. Especially when you're so poorly trained." Laura stated, insulting the girl to get the last word in before she walked away from the whole scene. 

Kelsie looked up at Laura when she insulted her before leaving her with Logan. She waited until she was fully gone before she looked at Logan. "Thank you, and to get my name cleared, I didn't attack her. She scared me and I accidentally attacked her with my power. She then insulted me and I made her water bottle explode in her face. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, but she didn't need to call me naive and an idiot. I don't like it when people tell me that." She said as she knew she probably shouldn't have acted like that, but she didn't expect the crazy woman to attack her. 

Kelsie then winced as she looked down at her leg and at her arm. At the sight of the blood she started to feel a bit woozy.. Okay, she was losing blood and it wasn't good. She already had low blood sugar, she didn't need this. 

"Okay, feeling sick... Feeling sick." She gasped as she felt herself losing conciousness.
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PostSubject: Re: A dangerous fight.   Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:31 pm

"Laura!" Logan shouted as she left the daanger room. If it weren't for Kelsie being hurt, he would goafter her.

Moving to her, he cursed at the wound on her leg. It was deep. As Kelsie explained her side of what happened, Logan took off his wwhite tshirt and cut it into strips with his claws.

"Hey!" he shouted, causingher to jump. "Stay awake, kid." He tied one of the strips above the wound, making a torniquete. "That should stop the bleeding for a little bit." Logan said with a sigh. He needed to get her to the medical lab.

The doors to the danger room with Leon walking through them. He had seen that X-23 girl leave the room fuming, while covered in blood.

The moment he saw the blood, he felt panic, knowing Kelsi had just gone in there to do some solo training. His fears had been confirmed when he saw his Kelsi on the ground, bleeding.

"Shit, shit!" he ran over to her,  before seeing the torniquete. "Hold on, Sweets." Leon put his hand over the wound and closed his eyes. First his sister and now Kelsi... He was going to be so out of it when he was done.

Logan watched in surprise as Leon came to her side. "She needs a doctor, kid." he told him, before seeing the palm of Leon's hand glow yellow. He can heal...

Leon ignored the nausea that started to sweep over him. He healed her leg up to where it had a thin scar. "I'll... heal that scar later for you... Sweets." He said, breathing a little heavy. Moving to her arm, he healed it as much as he could before he almost felt like retching.

"Looks like we need to get you to the med lab..." Logan said, keeping Leon from falling over.
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PostSubject: Re: A dangerous fight.   Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:16 pm


Kelsie jumped and looked at Logan with wide green eyes. She blinked as she felt herself losing energy. Why did she have low blood pressure again? She winced when he tied his shirt around her leg, making a hiss noise as well. Kelsie looked at him when he said that it would stop the bleeding for a bit. She nodded at him before she suddenly heard a familiar voice cursing, causing her to look up and see Leon.

"Leon?" She asked before she watched his hand go over her wound. When she heard Logan tell him she needed a doctor, she looked up at him and shook her head. Before she looked back at Leon when she saw his hand glowing. Instantly she could feel her wound feeling better. But when she saw him getting a bit out of it and then went to her arm, Kelsie suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her.

The two cuts healed a bit and were now closed a little bit, but she refused for him to do any more. If she had to pick which wounds she wanted to heal naturally, it would be the cuts on her arm. And the moment she saw Leon swaying a bit she moved her head a little bit until some water formed around it. She gently swiped her hand on his forehead, left to right. Keeping him cooled down.

Kelsie smiled at Leon when he looked at her. "Let's get you to the med lab." She said before she looked at Logan. "Thanks for your help. I'll help him get to the med lab." She smiled as she got up onto her feet and put Leon's arm around her shoulder. Once they were balanced they started walking together.

"Thank you again, Logan!" Kelsie called out to him as they left the danger room and went to the med lab together. And once they were there, Kelsie put Leon on one of the beds and gave him some water. She then gave him some medicine that would help him due to she didn't know how to put an IV in him.

After a few minutes passed she rubbed his forehead. "Feeling any better?" She asked softly.
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PostSubject: Re: A dangerous fight.   

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A dangerous fight.
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