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 Drinks This can't be a good idea

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White Canary

White Canary

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PostSubject: Re: Drinks This can't be a good idea   Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:00 pm

Sara's smirk widened. "Oooh, don't I feel special." She said, before looking up when the waitress came back.

Sara happily took the beer, taking a sip. She paused in her movement when she saw the little exchange the waitress caused between herself and Leonard. Swallowing her beer, she laughed, causing the waitress to flush, glaring at her.

The waitress tried to quickly hide her glare and gave Sara a false smile. "What's so funny, miss?"

Sara calmed down her laughter, smirking at the waitress. "Oh, no, it's nothing." She said, tucking her hair behind her ear, showing off the earring.

The waitress thinned her lips a little, before seeing the earrings. "Those are beautiful earrings."

"Oh, thanks, he picked them out for me." Sara said, winking at Leonard, causing the waitress to stiffen.

"..He has good tastes... Enjoy your meal..." The waitress turned stiffly before speed walking back into the kitchen.

Sara smirked to herself as she grabbed a slice of pizza. Raising the delicious bread to her lips, she caught Leonard's look. "What?" she asked, before biting into the pizza.
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Captain Cold

Captain Cold

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PostSubject: Re: Drinks This can't be a good idea   Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:24 pm

Len watched with amusement as Sara overtly makes fun of the waitress's interest in him. Not that he could blame the girl he knew he was good looking. At one point when he was in his teens and went to a fashion show to steal things from backstage some assistant thought he was a A.W.O.L. model, shoved him into a changing room and he found himself out on the cat walk. He just went with it and was even offered a job at the end. Though he couldn't have left Lisa for the time it would have taken. (this is from a fan fiction and i thought it was really funny ^.^)

First Sara laughs at the girl, then she shows off her earrings making it seem like he bought them for her rather then stole them. He almost laughed when the waitress practically ran away. He looked at Sara with raised eyebrows. She was practically acting like a cleaver jealous girlfriend.

"Nothing." Leonard responded smirking to himself looking down. While the waitress's reaction was funny Sara being almost possesive was what was really funny. Though she might have just wanted to mess with the other woman it was fun to think that she was doing it because of him.

"Didn't take you as the jealous type." He said jokingly.
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Drinks This can't be a good idea
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