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 Leonard Snart, Captain Cold Profile

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Captain Cold

Captain Cold

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PostSubject: Leonard Snart, Captain Cold Profile   Leonard Snart, Captain Cold Profile EmptyFri Mar 18, 2016 12:10 pm

Name: Leonard Snart

Codename: Captain Cold

Relationships: Sister- Lisa Snart
Partner- Mick Rory
Father- Lewis Snart
Future girlfriend- Sara Lance

History: Len’s father was a thief and not a very good one. He was caught often. After his first nickel in prison, when Len was 5, Lewis became very abusive. A few years later Lisa was born. As far as Len was concerned Lisa was the only good thing in his life. After his father got out of prison he would take Len on jobs because of his small hands he was able to get into get into fuse boxes easier. When at home Len was his sister and mother’s protector. While his sister did have a few scares from her life with their father Len had the majority of the makings on his body. It was the reason that Len was never seen outside of a long sleeve shirt.

When he was fourteen he went to juvie for the first time. He was the smallest kid there and some of the older kids wanted to assert their dominance. They jumped him and he fought back. One of them had a shiv and Len thought he was going to die. This was when Mick Rory stepped in and saved Len’s life. They later became partners Len’s brain to Micks brawn.

They worked together for years not getting caught thanks to Len’s planning. However they had one job go very bad. Mick had always had a problem with his love of fire and let it get out of hand on a job. Mick set himself on fire. Len decided not to work with Mick for a while deciding he was too volatile to work with for a while. Mick escaped and the two didn’t work together for a while.

After the particle accelerator when off Len met up with the Flash and got his cold gun, as well as the heat gun. Considering all the new issues Len took the heat gun and went to find Mick.

Later, after the lose of his first cold gun, Len got Cissco Ramon to build a second Cold gun, Heat gun and had his sister made her gold gun. A short time later his father got out of prison. His father put a microscopic boom in Lisa’s neck for the purpose of forcing Len to work for him. Once Len knew his sister was safe he turned his cold gun on his father killing the man that tormented him most of his life. Len allowed Flash to take him to prison and shortly after that Weather Wizard, who wanted his help taking on Flash, broke him out. Len declined and warned Flash before going off to do his own thing.

Personality: Len was always a calm individual. As he got older and dealt with his abusive father he became what many would call cold. He embraced that and made it part of his mystique. Using it to intimidate everyone.

Skills: Expert Shot
Security expert
Moderately skilled fighter
High IQ
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Leonard Snart, Captain Cold Profile
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